MISH Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls | Crispy Rolls – Pinni & California Almonds | Snacks – Biscuits – Crackers – Crunchy – On the Go – Gifting | Contemporary Indian Sweets – Mithai | 190g Pack of 1

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Introducing our delectable Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls, a splendid marriage of two beloved flavors in one delightful creation! Encased within these crispy wafer rolls is the exquisite Badam Pinni Spread, a velvety fusion of premium roasted Californian almonds and the iconic Punjabi mithai, Pinni. This unique combination brings together the rich, nutty essence of almonds and the comforting sweetness of Pinni, delivering an unparalleled taste sensation. Perfect as a crunchy snack, dessert accompaniment, or an on-the-go treat, our Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls embody the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in each bite.
Elevate Your Snack Game🎮🍪: Replace mundane chips and namkeen with our Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls; they are the new staple for your snack collection, combining the creamy splendor of Badam Pinni with the satisfying crunch of biscuits.
The Perfect Festive Offering🎉🎊: Wrapped in elegance, our Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls are the quintessential gift items for any festivity. More sophisticated than any crackers for Diwali, they bring a unique sweetness to your celebrations and are an excellent addition to your gourmet grocery items, perfect for gifting alongside Karachi bakery biscuits or within a biscuits combo pack.
Unexpected Delights😮🍫: For a change of pace from the usual cake and ice cream, our Badam Pinni Wafer Rolls offer a surprising twist. They pair impeccably with a glass of milk or are exquisite when savored with a piece of dark chocolate, for a truly exceptional sweets Indian mithai experience.
Convenient Luxury🧘‍♂️💎: Whether you’re craving a sweet finish to your meal or need a pick-me-up during the day, these wafer rolls are a perfect choice. They’re a healthy snack alternative that doesn’t compromise on the luxurious taste of traditional Badam Pinni.
Traditional Meets Trendy🍂🌟: Our wafer rolls are where authentic sweets Indian mithai meets contemporary snacking. They stand out in the grocery items aisle, offering a modern twist for lovers of chikki and Lotus Biscoff biscuits who crave a novel yet fresh flavor experience.


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