7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self

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Just as heat is inherent in fire, so is our desire to become better. ‘Why are personal growth and life transformation so difficult? Does Creation wish that we fail? Of course not! The purpose behind the Universe’s grand design is to make us succeed. Our own unawareness of the laws of the Universe creates the impediment. Just as physical phenomena are regulated by laws, there are spiritual principles governing the journey of life as well. Knowledge of them helps us understand why success comes so easily to some but remains a struggle for others; why some are still putting on their shoes, while others have finished the race. The beauty is that, like the physical laws of nature, the divine principles governing happiness and fulfilment in life are also eternally valid. In this book, Swami Mukundananda explains the 7 divine laws in an easily graspable manner. With knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and witty anecdotes that everyone can relate to, this book will empower you to become the best version of yourself.

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Unlimited Scope for Growth

Many people are of the ‘fixed mindset’. They believe their skills are determined by destiny or circumstances and cannot be developed any further.Thus, they do not toil to enhance their competencies. ‘When progress is decided by fate, why should we try?’ Thinking along these lines, they remain stuck in mediocrity all their life. In this way, they squander away their immense human potential.

In contrast, people with the ‘growth mindset’ believe that with proper effort, there is unlimited scope for progress. Hence, they never take good enough to be enough. They constantly endeavour to stretch themselves towards ever-greater success.

The biggest calamity is not the waste of natural resources. The biggest calamity in the world is the waste of human resources—the untapped capacity of people with the ‘fixed mindset’. Consequently, the biggest global progress would happen if such people could change their attitude to the ‘growth mindset’.

The Road to Excellence

Life mastery and personal excellence can only be achieved by consistent small steps of incremental improvement. At every moment, life presents us with choices. Every choice veers our life upward or downwards one teeny-weeny bit. As they accumulate, the difference becomes significant.

The most difficult part of any behavioural modification is the initial phase. Later, with the help of behavioural momentum, the speed of our self-transformation increases. Unfortunately, the same principle of momentum can work in the negative direction as well and ruin our life.

We must learn to choose the good kind of pain that leads to progress and wellbeing; not the wrong kind of pain that results in stagnation and ill-health. To learn to become more self-disciplined is one of the most rewarding endeavours in life.

The Power of Beliefs

The trajectory of our life is determined by the beliefs we hold in our intellect. Whatever we strongly believe becomes our virtual reality, irrespective of whether it is true or not. And the stronger the intensity of our belief, the greater its influence over our emotions.

Thus, we can see how beliefs are the biggest force within our personality that can work to our benefit or detriment. The tragedy is that we limit ourselves by our own beliefs. External enemies can be identified and addressed. But for most of us, the enemy is inconspicuously sitting within, in the form of incorrect convictions. That is what makes it so much more dangerous.

The Law of Happiness

We are searching for happiness in the wrong place. If we look for something where it is not, our chances of finding it will always be zero. The way to achieve true happiness is to become a better person. Plain and simple. Sometimes we miss the truth merely because it is so simple, while we look for it in complexities.

Unfortunately, all our life we prioritize a hundred tasks over and above the task of working upon ourselves. Think about it. How much time in a year do we allocate to self-improvement? Our focus is upon doing…doing…doing, and in the process, we neglect being…being…being. The sequence for success is that “being” must precede “doing.” We must be genuinely good before we can truly do something worthwhile.

Presently, our sequence is the reverse. We focus on achieving great works. But we neglect the foundation for it, which is becoming better people ourselves. Instead, if we could shift the focus on growing from within, we would get more success and be much happier as well.

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