Desi Nutri Multi Millet Cookies | Ready to Eat Cookies | Millet Cookies | Rich in Fiber & Immunity | Quick & On the go Energy | Rich in Calcium | Low GI | Pack of 3-100 gms each – 300 gms, Vanilla

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Why Desi Nutri Cookies?


low fatlow fat



Rich In Iron

Power up with our iron-rich cookies for sustained energy and immunity. Elevate your well-being, one delicious cookie at a time!

Low in Calories

Desi Nutri Cookies are light on calories, high on deliciousness making them ideal for weight watchers.

Rich in Calcium

Boost your nutrition level and bone health with these calcium rich cookies.

Rich in Dietary Fibre

Happy gut, happy life! Dive into our high-fiber cookies that help with better digestion and lowers bad cholesterol.

millet cookiesmillet cookies


cookie breakfast cookie instant cookiescookie breakfast cookie instant cookies

Delightful & Nutritious: Desi Nutri Multi Millet Cookies offer a fusion of taste and nutrition, creating a wholesome snacking experience.
Millet Goodness: Discover millet’s nutritious power in every bite for a health-conscious snacking experience.
Healthy Snacking: These high-fiber cookies are a guilt-free way to satisfy snack cravings, balancing flavor and nutrition.
Flavorful Variety: Enjoy a symphony of flavors and textures with each bite, making snacking exciting.
Allergen-Free & Gluten-Free: Enjoy delicious and health-conscious snacking, as these cookies are gluten-free, suitable for dietary sensitivities.
On-the-Go Energy: Ideal for busy individuals, these cookies provide quick energy and long-lasting fuel while promoting digestive health and stable blood sugar levels.
Healthy & Wholesome: Packed with high fibre and low Glycemic Index, they promote digestive health and stable blood sugar levels.
Stronger Bones: Rich in calcium, these cookies support bone health while being a tasty treat.
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