Early Foods – Pack of 2 Pregnancy Cookies, Millet Biscuits | Jaggery Biscuits (Ragi Biscuits with Sesame & Bajra Barnyard Cookies)

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Product Description

pregnancy snacks, lactation snacks, breastfeeding snackspregnancy snacks, lactation snacks, breastfeeding snacks

Support your journey of Motherhood with Early Foods Moms Food

Made with the goodness of Ragi which is said to have 10x higher calcium and Foxtail Millet to support folic requirements in your pregnancy.

Moms FoodMoms Food

Made from Clean Ingredients and Nothing Else!

Ragi Sesame SeedsRagi Sesame Seeds


Foxtail MilletFoxtail Millet

Goodness of Whole Millets

Made from 100% whole grain millets and not refined flour. We also use nutritious seeds & nuts to make it nourishing for you and your little one naturally!

NO Added Sugar

Our Cookies for Moms are naturally sweetened with Jaggery and Dates.

Cleanest Ingredients Ever!

100% Natural and we use no ingredients made in a lab. No Emulsifiers, No Starches, or flavours, Preservatives etc.

Freshly handmade healthy Millet Jaggery Cookies for pregnant & breast-feeding mothers
Rich in Calcilum & High iron content
Ragi & Sesame Cookies Ingredients : Powdered Dry Fruits 17% (Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Cashews), Butter 17%, Ragi/Naachni 12%, Amaranth/Rajgira 12%, Jaggery 16%, Little Millet/Saame, Barley, Hand-pounded Rice, Jowar, Sesame Seeds 4%, Nutmeg and nothing else.
Bajra & Barnyard Cookies Ingredients : Butter 18%, Powdered Dry Fruits 16% (Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Cashews), Bajra/Pearl Millet 10%, Barnyard Millet 10%, Jaggery 15%, Little Millet/Saame, Barley, Hand-pounded Rice, Jowar, Nutmeg and nothing else.
No maida, no soda or raising agents, no egg
No Added Refined Sugar, sweeteness obtained from jaggery & dates
Shelf life is 4 months from MFD
Contains No preservatives, additives or artificial flavours, it’s a junk free snack.
Contains 17-19 cookies per box

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