Food Library The Magic Of Nature Premium Egg White Powder – High Protein, Non-GMO, Ideal for Baking and Cooking, 400gm.

Price: ₹650 - ₹499.00
(as of Mar 19, 2024 18:56:44 UTC – Details)

Unlock the versatility of eggs with our Premium Egg White Powder, a convenient and high-quality alternative to fresh egg whites. Sourced from the finest eggs, this powder delivers the same protein-rich goodness without the hassle of cracking and separating eggs. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, baker, or home cook, our egg white powder is a kitchen essential for all your culinary creations.
HIGH PROTIEN CONTENT : Packed with pure and concentrated protein, our egg white powder is an excellent source of essential amino acids, supporting muscle development and recovery.
FAT-FREE & LOW CALORIE : Enjoy the nutritional benefits without added fats or excess calories, making it an ideal choice for those focused on a healthy lifestyle.
CONVENIENT AND SHELF-STABLE : No more worries about egg freshness or storage. Our egg white powder is shelf-stable, easy to store, and provides a longer shelf life compared to fresh eggs.
VERSATILE IN COOKING & BAKING Baking: Perfect for adding structure, stability, and protein to a variety of recipes, including meringues, soufflés, protein shakes, and more. Explore endless possibilities in your kitchen.
EASY TO REHYDRATE : Effortlessly rehydrate the powder by mixing with water to achieve the consistency of fresh egg whites, ensuring a seamless integration into your recipes.

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