GirOrganic Wood Pressed Black Sesame Oil – 1Litre Glass Bottle | Unrefined/Unfiltered Cold Pressed Virgin Oil | Kacchi Ghani/ Gingelly Oil | Chemical Free & Natural | Sesame Oil for Cooking | Gopal Ratna Award Winner 2023

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Product Description

Black Sesame oilBlack Sesame oil

Comparison Comparison

Why Black Sesame Oil

 Bone Development Bone Development

Helps Fight AnxietyHelps Fight Anxiety

Improves MetabolismImproves Metabolism

Good for heartGood for heart

Bone Development

Sesamin and Sesamolin found in black sesame seeds increase Vitamin E supplies, which is the most important micro nutrient for skin health. Vitamin E and lignans (antioxidants) gives the skin a youthful appearance, improves skin tone and gives it softness.

Helps Fight Anxiety

Sesame seeds contain amino acid called tryptophan in high quantity which helps you fight anxiety and calms you down.

Increase Immunity

Black Sesame seeds are a good source of nutrients like zinc, selenium, copper, iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin E essential for your immune system

Good for Heart

Apart from lowering BP, it also helps to lower inflammation and cholesterol which are linked to blood pressure. For the unversed, sesame seeds are high in magnesium and this particular nutrient just like potassium help to lower BP.

Journey from Soil to Oil

Black sesame oil fieldBlack sesame oil field

Black Sesame SeedsBlack Sesame Seeds

Wood press machineWood press machine

Tin packagingTin packaging


Black sesame seeds are grown at GirOrganic farms. This farms are organically certified. This provides the finest quality seeds for Oil.

Fine Quality

Fine quality Black sesame seeds are used for Girorganic Black sesame oil. These seeds are sun dried properly to gain the perfect aroma and taste.

Traditional Method

The maintain the nutritional value of the seeds wood pressed method is used. The seeds are simply crushed in the wooden axis. Heat is not generated in this process as RPM is pretty low.


The Oil extracted is packed in Tin/Glass bottle .Tin packaging provides an excellent barrier against water, oxygen and light

Varying Uses


Cooking oilCooking oil

Oil pullingOil pulling


Skin Health

Sesame oil helps in nourishing and detoxifying your skin as it contains vitamin E and other essential nutrients for skin care.

Cooking oil

Sesame oil is perfectly suited for your salad dressings and sautéing as it adds a pinch of health to it with its rich nutrient content.

Oil Pulling

Practicing oil pulling at least once a day, preferably in the morning helps you maintain and improve your oral health.


Sesame oil is an excellent natural preservative as it adds more shelf life and more nutritional value to pickles

Key Actives
Improves Heart Health Maintain Cholesterol Level Rich in Vitamin K2 Maintain Cholesterol Level Boost Immunity

Improve Blood Flow Lowers High Blood Pressure Reduces Inflammation Great source of Antioxidants Great source of Antioxidants

Natural and Traditional method
Wood Pressed Wood Pressed Vedic Bilona Method Vedic Bilona Method Vedic Bilona Method


WOOD PRESSED OIL: Girorganic cold pressed sesame oil is extracted using wooden ghani/chekku by mechanical pressure. Throughout process there is no heat treatment involve nor addition of chemical to improve shelf life.
UNREFINED/UNFILTERED: 100% pure, natural, unrefined, unfiltered, and uncolored cold-pressed black sesame oil, made from premium quality of sesame seed. Replace your refined oil with cold pressed oils for the benefits it holds for your health because in the most cliché words, ‘Health is wealth.’
HEALTH BENEFITS: Black sesame oil has nourishing, calming, and warming qualities for abhyanga oil massage which soothes joint ache, tones skin, and helps strengthen bones and muscles.
NUTRITION: Black sesame oil contain potent antioxidant sesamin and lignin which make raw wood pressed oil healthy with numerous benefits. Its act as anti parasitic which help to remove intestine worms and also stimulates blood circulation
HOW TO USE? : Girorganic wood pressed oil can be used for sautening, garnishing salad or on avocado toast. Its used in cooking especially in winter season and pickles prepared using cold pressed sesame oil taste awesome.
STORAGE CONDITION: Our black sesame oil can be store in cool and dry place. Keep away fom direct contact with sunlight and keep lid tightly closed to aviod oxidation
SHELF LIFE: Shelf Life of black sesame oil is 9 month when stored under mentioned condition

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