Lazy Gardener Plant Food Sticks Trial Pack 1 GreenStix + 1 BloomStix (Essential Nutrition Bloom-Booster)

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🌱Hassle-free, Slow-release plant food, essential nutrition, bloom booster, 100% natural & mineral-based
🌱 Bloomstix: These lazy gardener sticks have three macro-nutrients-Nitrogen (N) which is essential for leaf growth and lush green color, Phosphorous (P) to help develop strong roots, and promote flowering and potassium (K) to help develop strong stems and fight disease.
🌱These fertiliser sticks also have micro-nutrients such as molybdenum, zinc, iron, boron, manganese, and copper which help in plant growth processes like photosynthesis, pigment production, growth hormone production, etc.
🌱Greenstix: contains macro-nutrients NPK and other micro-nutrients like zinc, iron, molebdynum, boron, copper, manganese to increase the plant growth process like photosynthesis, pigment production, growth hormone production, etc


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