LEMURIAN Foods Palmyra Sprout/Palmyra Tuber/பனங்கிழங்கு-15 Nos

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Palmyra sprout (also known as Palmyra tuber) is an underground sprout of the Palmyra palm or Borassus flabellifer. It can be dried or boiled They are known as Panai Kizhangu or Panamkizhangu (பனங்கிழங்கு) in Tamil and Thegalu or Gaygulu or Gengulu in Telugu. Palmyra sprouts have a low glycemic index. This means that they are digested and absorbed slowly, which causes a slower rise in blood sugar. Palmyra sprouts are also high in fiber, folate, and other vitamins and minerals. 1. Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels Palmyra sprouts are rich in viscous fiber, which helps slow digestion and the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. This helps prevent unhealthy spikes and crashes in blood sugar, which are common in diabetes. One study found that consuming palmyra sprout extract improved glycemic control and higher insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients over 30 days. Researchers noted sprouts’ potential to modulate carbohydrate metabolism due to their high fiber content. Palmyra sprouts have a low glycemic index (GI) and Glycemic Load, meaning they don’t cause rapid rises in blood glucose. Their effects mimic metformin, per research in the International Journal of Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Sprouts also provide key antioxidants that mop up excess free radicals and lessen oxidative damage linked to diabetic complications. With benefits for both short and long-term well-being, adding these to your diet can be a game-changer for blood-sugar control. 2. Supports Healthy Weight Management Incorporating Palmyra sprouts into your diet can aid in weight management. They are a low-calorie, high-fiber option that helps you feel full longer, aiding in efforts to lose weight and combat obesity, which are significant risk factors for heart disease. Being a good source of protein – a nutrient that increases satiety, so you eat less. Studies confirm that high protein diets also boost metabolic rate and fat burning
👉We are the first seller in the world to Sell Palmyra Sprout in Amazon (Selling from the year 2020 under the name “Lemurian Foods”)
👉Harvested from our own farm located in Ramanathapuram,Tamilnadu which is well known for unique taste of Palmyra Sprouts.
👉Will be harvested on the day of shipping only, providing freshness to the product.
👉Completely Organic | Zero Fertilizers | Zero Pesticides | Zero Chemicals.
👉Grown organically only with Rain Water to maintain the natural texture and flavour.

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