MADAFIYA Universal Bike Body Cover Compatible for Kawasaki Versys 650 | Waterproof (Tested), Dustproof & Scratch Resistant | 5 Stitching Interlock | UV Protection for All Two Wheeler (Navy Piping)

Price: ₹799 - ₹499.00
(as of Jan 26, 2024 02:43:49 UTC – Details)

The MADAFIYA Universal Bike Body Cover is a top-quality protective accessory designed to safeguard your precious two-wheeler from the elements and potential damage. Here’s a detailed description of its features :

1. Superior Waterproofing (Tested) : This bike body cover is rigorously tested to provide exceptional waterproofing. It offers reliable protection against rain, ensuring your bike remains dry even during heavy downpours. No more worries about moisture seeping in and affecting your bike’s performance or appearance.

2. Dustproof & Scratch Resistant : In addition to waterproofing, this cover is highly effective in keeping dust and dirt away from your motorcycle or scooter. It acts as a shield, preventing scratches and abrasions to maintain your bike’s pristine condition.

3. Robust 5 Stitching Interlock : The MADAFIYA cover features a robust 5-stitch interlock design. This ensures durability and a secure fit, keeping the cover in place even in windy conditions. You can trust that it will provide long-lasting protection for your two-wheeler.

4. High-Quality Material : Crafted from high-quality materials, this cover is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring long-term protection for your bike.

5. Elastic Hem for a Secure Fit : The cover features an elasticized hem that provides a snug and custom fit to your bike. This ensures that the cover stays securely in place and won’t blow away in strong winds.

6. Protect Your Investment : Investing in the MADAFIYA Universal Bike Body Cover is an excellent way to protect your two-wheeler, keeping it looking like new and extending its lifespan. With this cover, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your bike is shielded from the elements and potential damage, all while maintaining its pristine appearance.
🏍 High-Quality Waterproof Material : Crafted from quality materials for superior durability and long-term use. Our bike covers are made from premium waterproof material, protecting your bike from rain, snow, and moisture.
🏍 Dustproof & Scratch Resistant : Shields your two-wheeler from dust and prevents scratches, maintaining its pristine appearance. The elasticized hem provides a secure and custom fit to your bike, preventing the cover from blowing away in strong winds.
🏍 5 Stitching Interlock : Features a durable and secure 5-stitch interlock design to ensure a long-lasting and snug fit. Simple installation and removal make it convenient to use on a daily basis.
🏍 UV Protection : Protects your bike’s paint and body from harmful UV rays, preventing color fading and damage. Keeps your bike looking new and extends its life by shielding it from various elements and potential damage.
🏍 Easy Maintenance : Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe the cover with a damp cloth. Designed to fit scooters and bikes without the need for extra fittings like leg guards or hoods.

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