Mee Mee 360° Baby Activity Walker | 3 Level Adjustable Height, Foot Mat, Musical Detachable Toy Bar | Parental Push Handle, Anti-Rollover Folding Walker for Boys, Girls, Kids | 6-18 Months 15kg (Grey)

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Introducing our range of Baby Walkers, the perfect companions for your little one’s exciting journey towards independent mobility. Our Baby Walkers are designed with utmost care and safety, providing a secure and fun-filled experience for both babies and parents. Crafted with sturdy materials and thoughtful engineering, our Baby Walkers offer stability and balance, allowing babies to explore their surroundings confidently. The adjustable height feature ensures a perfect fit as your child grows, accommodating their changing needs. Equipped with 360-degree rotational wheels, our Baby Walkers provide smooth and unrestricted movement, encouraging babies to develop their motor skills and coordination. The parental push handle adds an extra layer of security, enabling parents to guide and support their child’s early steps. We prioritize comfort in our Baby Walkers with detachable cushions that provide gentle support for your little one’s delicate body. The cushions are easily washable, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Furthermore, our Baby Walkers feature engaging toys and activity bars that stimulate sensory development, fostering cognitive growth and exploration. Choose our Baby Walkers to give your child the freedom to explore, discover, and take their first steps with confidence and joy.
✿ Conforms to International Standards of Safety and Hygiene: Our activity walker for baby (6-18 months) is meticulously designed to meet and exceed international safety and hygiene standards, ensuring your baby’s well-being and peace of mind.
✿ Made of Premium Quality Metal and Plastic: Crafted from premium quality metal and plastic materials, our walker is not only safe but also highly durable, guaranteeing long-lasting usage for your little one.
✿ Sturdy Design for Baby’s First Steps: With a sturdy construction, our walker provides the necessary support and stability to nurture your baby’s first steps, promoting confidence and independence.
✿ Detatchable Cushioned Seat for Maximum Comfort: Featuring a cushioned seat, our walker offers maximum comfort for your baby during play and exploration, ensuring a pleasant experience every time.
✿ Adjustable 3 Stages of Height Settings: Our walker for babies boasts 3 stages of adjustable height settings, allowing it to grow with your baby and accommodate their changing needs and development stages.
✿ 360° Rotational Wheels for Ease of Movement: Equipped with 360° rotational wheels, our walker offers unparalleled ease of movement, allowing your baby to explore their surroundings effortlessly.
✿ Removable Electronic Toys Tray with Cheerful Music: The removable electronic toys tray features cheerful music to keep your child entertained, stimulating their senses and fostering enjoyment during playtime. This musical walker for kids helps with motor skills development and sensory stimulation.
✿ Feeding Section Functionality: Our mee mee baby walker includes a feeding section functionality, allowing you to conveniently serve meals to your baby after removing the tray, making mealtime hassle-free and enjoyable.
✿ Long Push Handle for Parental Assistance: The long push handle provides parents with the ability to help toddlers roll along with ease. Additionally, it can be easily removed for added convenience.
✿ Round Design for Anti-Fall and Anti-Rollover: Featuring a round design, our walker is specifically engineered to provide stability and prevent falls and rollovers, ensuring your baby’s safety during their exploration and playtime.


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