Mo’s Wheatflour & Jaggery Cookies, 300 G | Cookies without Maida and refined sugar | Healthy Snack For Kids And Adults| Rich in Taste and Nutrition

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We all like cookies, and we all also like to look fit and sharp. But, cookies, the way they are traditionally made, are a villain to our health. They have components such as sugar and all-purpose flour, which are not good for our health when consumed in the long run. How many times have you tried to keep a check on your calories and ended up having massive cravings instead? This is a pain point that is solved by Mo’s Wheat flour & Jaggery Cookies. Welcome to the world of guilt-free cookies! These cookies replace the traditional ingredients with nourishing ingredients like wheat flour and jaggery for sweetening. You can eat these in moderation without any guilt!

Good For Guilt-Free SnackingGood For Guilt-Free Snacking

Light and Delicious Snack

Portion control is something a lot of us struggle with. When something is tasty, we like to have a lot of it. However, replace your regular cookies with Mo’s Wheat flour & Jaggery Cookies, and you will find it way easier to control portions. These cookies are filling and bite sized just enough for you to have moderately at one go. This way, you also find it easy to have your proper meals in sufficient proportions. Moreover, these wheat flour and jaggery cookies are made without any preservatives or additives, making them a good choice for health-conscious individuals.



Good Shelf LifeGood Shelf Life

No Added SugarNo Added Sugar

Perfect On-The-Go SnackPerfect On-The-Go Snack

Organic Cookies

You want these cookies over others because these cookies are made with organic ingredients only. You want something that feels light and right? Then this is a perfect choice for your snack time. These cookies are perfect to go with evening tea or coffee. These cookies come packed in an airtight tight jar which imparts them a shelf life of 6 months.


If you are a gentle soul that is on a mission to save others by not consuming animal products, we would like to help you with a delicious cookie you will love! It is made with love, using only organic and vegan-friendly ingredients.

Locally Sourced

All ingredients used to make this product are sourced locally, and everything is homegrown right here in India. With these cookies, you take a step towards health-friendly choices and support your country’s economy and the farmers who put in the hard work.

Perfect for eating between meals or on the goPerfect for eating between meals or on the go

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Available Sizes
150 | 200 | 300 gm 150 | 200 | 300 gm 150 | 200 | 300 gm 150 | 200 | 300 gm 150 | 200 | 300 gm

Gluten Free
Yes No No No No

No Preservatives


Shelf Life
180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days 180 Days

DELICIOUS TASTE: Multigrain cookies are an ideal snack with a crunchy & crispy texture and have a flavourful savoury taste. This makes them the best complimentary snack with a piping hot tea or coffee. Enjoy these guilt-free cookies made with whole wheat flour and jaggery. We have completely removed all-purpose flour & refined sugar and replaced them with healthy alternatives like almond meal, wheat bran, oats flour and jaggery.
WELLNESS: Try these healthy cookies and exercise portion control with Mo’s petite cookies. Healthy choices at an early stage can make a big difference for an overall healthy life.
VEGAN: These goodies are VEGAN, free of refined sugar, made with ZERO PRESERVATIVES or ADDED COLOURS. It doesn’t have MAIDA or any REFINED SUGAR in it. Curated for a Healthier snacking experience.
VISION: Mindfull & portion controlled eating is the future, to maintain health, immunity & fitness. We are here to provide natural and healthy alternatives to snacking. Our whole product range offers vegan and clean ingredient products to serve with a vision “To make nutritious food delicious at good value”
100% NATURAL: Why Mo’s Cookies are non-greasy and light? We make our products with natural ingredients, whole grains, unrefined flours, mixes of nuts and seeds with no palm oil or any other refined, hydrogenated oil/fat which will keep you full for a longer time. Shelf Life: 6 Months

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