Portable Travel Bidet Bottle Handheld Personal Bidet Sprayer, 350ml, 12oz Mini Portable Bidet for Toilet with Long Pointed Nozzle for Personal Hygiene Cleaning/Baby Care/Soothing Postpartum Care

Price: ₹699 - ₹296.00
(as of Mar 27, 2024 01:08:21 UTC – Details)

Natural and safe care for women of all ages-Perect for the gentle cleansing during your period.It is also suitable for the perineal care during and after pregnancy. The bidet is particularly gentle on the skin, which can be very sensitive and swollen, especially before and after childbirth. The PropoDusche Peri Bottle is a great option for mums-to-be who are no longer so flexible and for whom wiping with toilet paper is simply exhausting.
Ergonomic Design -The design of the portable bidet can be used upside down, 120 degree angle pipe design, more in line with artificial body. It can meet your needs at all angles of flushing, so you can be completely clean. It also has a pair of nozzles, you can inject warm water, mineral water, special lotion into the bottle as needed, gently press, the water will come out. Hand held bidet bottle can control the amount of water and water spray, easy to use water.
Upgraded Safe Material -The travel bidet sprayer is made of PP material, BPA Free and EVA material, which is widely used in food packaging and medical care. The rebound is fast, and the hand feels good. Environmentally friendly materials are safe to manufacture.
2 Nozzles & Multi-hole Water Output – The portable handheld bidet has a larger nozzle and 12OZ/350 ML extra capacity soft squeeze bottles. All the 2 nozzles has protective cases, avoid dust and infection. In addition, 6-hole and 12-hole nozzles of perineal spray bottle to ensure greater pressure, adequate water and a larger cleaning range.
Portable -The portable bidet shower is small and light, and can be carried around, or in a car or bag. It provides personal hygiene care anywhere, anytime, and can be precisely aligned to the cleaning point for cleaning. Replace paper towels and thoroughly cleanse them to promote good health.
Multi Applications -Travel bidet bottle are suitable for a wide range of people, adult children after the private parts cleaning and secretion cleaning; daily cleaning of hospitalized patients, disabled people, elderly care, drivers, residential students, business trips, outdoor travel, camping personal hygiene cleaning. At the same time, the applicable places are also very wide: such as outdoor sports, public toilets, temporary residences, etc.

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