Ruchi Gold Palmolein Oil for Cooking, Frying, Every Day Use, Edible Oil, 850 gm/870 gm/ 893gm

Price: ₹125.00 - ₹93.00
(as of Mar 01, 2024 21:42:42 UTC – Details)

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. Widely used in the food industry for its high saturated fat content and stability at high temperatures, Try Ruchi Gold palmolein oil, you can use in cooking, frying, and food processing. Palm oil is found in a variety of products, from snacks to cosmetics, and its sustainability is a growing focus for both producers and consumers
Material Features: Vegetarian
Helps strengthen eye and bone health; Great for frying
Contains Vit A & D
India’s leading brand of packed palmolein
Cook your favourite dishes with Ruchi Gold
PREMIUM COOKING OIL: Take your cooking experience up the next level by using RUCHI GOLD PALMOLEIN OIL. This premium cooking oil is made up of carefully selected top quality ingredients.
HEART-HEALTHY BENEFITS: Consider using a healthier heart option in your cooking. Monounsaturated fats contained in Ruchi Gold Palmolein Oil have been proven to help maintain good cardiac health.
VERSATILE CULINARY COMPANION: Unleash the true power of your gastronomical experience by harnessing this palmolein oil. It enriches and brings out the natural tastes when frying, sautéing or baking, while at the same time preserving your daily vitamin needs.
NUTRIENT-RICH GOODNESS: Ruchi Gold Palmolein Oil is good for adding essential nutrients such as Vitamin E to your meals. It not only makes you healthy but also enhances the taste of your favorite meals. Enjoy good health in every bite with palm oil.
SHELF LIFE: Palm Oil is considered to be relatively long-lasting – if stored correctly, it can last for at least 12 months. To ensure your oil is the best quality, however, we’d recommend that you use it within six months

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