TOY FUN Plastic Build Up Beakers Stacking and Nesting Toy for Kids, Multicolour – 12 Pieces

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Product Description

TOYFUN games and toysTOYFUN games and toys

Buildup BeakersBuildup Beakers

Safe for Children

Non-Toxic: Toy Fun’s Buildup Beakers stacking cups are made up of safe plastic. Which is safe for children. BPA free: It does not have any harmful chemicals. No Sharp Edges: Buildup beakers have no sharp edges which can injure a kid.

Buildup BeakersBuildup Beakers

Nesting and stacking

Toyfun’s staking cups are 2 in 1 toy. They can be used for learning stacking and nesting as well. They are simple yet they teach so concepts:

Stacking toyStacking toy

Value for Money

Back side of each cup there is design. The kid can use this for stamping as well as getting impression on clay. 12 stacking cup for kids, 12 different colours. let the kid learn different colours as well as different size. Portable size. You can carry it wherever you go.

Buildup BeakersBuildup Beakers

Stacking Cups

Buildup BeakersBuildup Beakers

nesting and stacking

Stacking toyStacking toy

How to Play

How will it Benefit your child?

First SkillsFirst Skills

Counting SkillsCounting Skills


Problem Solving SkillsProblem Solving Skills

First Skills

One of the most valuable things a teacher can do is help students prepare for lifelong learning. Improved learning skills concentrating, reading and listening, remembering, using time, and more — are immediately useful and will continue to pay dividends for a long time.

Counting Skills

These games enhance foundational math skills while being creative and learning about numbers. Watch your child gain confidence and independence while working with numbers! These products integrate math with art, logic, writing, creativity, relaxation, research, and science.

Different Colours

Stimulate the Senses: Bright colors stimulate visual development. Baby learns to recognize different colors. It helps in developing sight and visual senses.

Problem Solving Skills

These games focus on immensely enhancing the cognitive skills (i.e., analysis, calculation, planning, and prioritization) required to make sound decisions and solve problems beyond the confines of toys and games.

Buildup beakersBuildup beakers

No Screen TimeNo Screen Time

nesting toynesting toy

Overall Development

Less Screen Time


12 Cups 12 cups + 5 Stacking rings, + 1 Rattle 5 pull along stacking rings 13 pcs stacking cups + set of stacking rings

Stacking + Nesing Stacking + nesting + hearing rattle sound Stacking + walking Stacking + Nesting

No of items
1 3 1 2

made in Indiamade in India

Proudly Made in India

Buy Indian products and support us!

Learns to stack and nest cups one upon another
Child learns different colors and sizes
Improves hand eye coordination, motor skills
No Sharp Edges – Safe for children
Recommend Age: Kids ages 3 years and up
Made in India

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